37 Frames travels the world telling life's most beautiful stories.

Tell your Japan pre-wedding, engagement, honeymoon or anniversary story in any of these beautiful pre-scheduled

37 Frames locations throughout Japan or around the world in 2018

Dates are subject to availability and additional locations may be added.

We would love nothing more than to be part of your story.



2018 dates include...




A completely unique Arabian city to tell your epic love story. From the Grand Mosque to the empty desert. Dotted with beautiful oases. Nothing is more compelling than the desert & the sea.





TOKYO - all seasons

Tradition & culture mixed with the new & modern. There are so many locations across this amazing city to tell the most perfect love story. Whether romantic or quirky, fun or epic. Tokyo is it.




KYOTO -Spring

Sakura season is absolutely breathtaking in Kyoto. From famous locations to the secluded 37 Frames creates shooting experiences to revel in the ethereal blossoms and celebrate love.





Endless beaches, aqua waters, cliffs, caves, ancient ruins & vibrant culture, Okinawa is a dream location. The very perfect place to tell a Love Story, the bluest skies & sunsets await..




Start spreading the news...if there's ever a city to fall in love in a little bit more it's NY. We HEART NY. Take on the city in style and tell your story from the street to floating high above The Big Apple.



USA- nationwide

East Coast or West Coast or smack in the middle. LA to Montana we're on the road again & your story will tell itself whether in majestic mountains, beach side or drenched in early Fall colors.






There's nowhere as iconic in Japan as Mt Fuji. Explore around the famous base & lakes of this revered site. Amid glorious fall colors it's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to tell your Love Story.





Japan, USA, Australia, Europe, Bali...



USA -WEst CoasT

The USA. There's no where quite like it and for these dates we'll be telling love stories from LA to San Francisco & all stops in between, with a finale in the city that NEVER sleeps...the one & only LAS VEGAS.






Queensland is the sunshine state. From epic white sand beaches to dramatic sunrises & sunsets. Island to the outback.  There's a love story drenched in sunshine waiting




TOKYO - by day

Tradition & culture mixed with the new & modern. Tell your Spring Story here. The blossoms are spectacular, whether in a treasured National Park or a hidden street. Live & love under the Sakura.





With stunning turquoise waters, Karuizawa in the Summer, submerged in green is simply extraordinary. Tell your Love story entwined with Nature in this most pristine location.



HOKKAIDO - summer

Hokkaido is a summer playground, teaming with endless flowers and glorious nature. From lavender fields, to tulips, mountains & extraordinary trees. Prepare to be spellbound for a while.




Whether it's Marina Bay, Raffles Hotel, Clarke Quay or the stunning gardens by the bay, Singapore & her famous Merlion is just waiting to to be the backdrop for your beautiful love story.





KYOTo - Fall

Kyoto in the Fall has to be seen to be believed. Dazzling colors in every hue, it is beyond breathtaking. Tell your Love Story among the 'koyo', at famous locations & secluded ones. Drenched in Maples.





   Custom locations & available...              




Tell your story in your favorite Australian location. From the Outback to the harbor, from the city to Unesco World Heritage sites. It has simply everything. Your Australian adventure awaits. Pick a place.





HOKKAIDO - winter

Hokkaido is a winter wonderland. A different world. Beautiful hot springs, dramatic ice floes, swans on frozen lakes & snow-capped peaks. Get rugged up for an amazing winter love story.




TOKYO - by night

Tradition & culture mixed with the new & modern. Tokyo in any season is dazzling.  And you'll never know what may happen next. Surprises abound. Find your love story in the heart of this non-stop city.





We're on the road in Europe and available for appointments all over this incredeible Continent. From France to Norway tell your Love Story in the heart of the place that speaks to you...




London. The one and only. A stunning location for any love Story. Tradition meets modern as we tally-ho along cobbled stone streets. Your history in the making, London in your heart.




Tell your story in your favorite Australian location. From the Outback to the harbor, from the city to Unesco World Heritage sites. It has simply everything. Your Australian adventure awaits. Pick a place.






Heaven on earth. It is truly breathtaking. Think waterfalls, black beaches, volcanoes, glacier lakes. Think COLD but love will warm you up. There is no more epic location for a love story than Iceland.



Founded by international award-winning Master photographers Tracey Taylor & Dee Green, 37 Frames is Japan's most award-winning wedding photography studio. Based in Tokyo, Japan & now with a new Australian Studio in Brisbane, they travel the world telling life's most beautiful stories...


Tracey & Dee are both Master Photographers & award winning members of Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP), Wedding Photojournalists Association (WPJA), Fearless Photographers & Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA). Both Tracey & Dee have been awarded the prestigious Master Photographer title from WPPI for their wedding image mastery & have both won 1st places, 2nd places & numerous accolades of excellence at WPPI in the celebrated International Awards of Excellence Print Competition. They are based in Tokyo, Japan with a new Australian Studio in Brisbane.

Tracey & Dee were recently named in the World's Top 30 Wedding Photographers by Signature Weddings, the Top 30 Outstanding Wedding Photographers in Asia by TopWeds & in the Top 150 Best International Wedding Photographers 2016 from SLR Lounge. They have featured on Junebug Weddings world’s best wedding photographers list, with their photos making Junebug’s Best of the Best Wedding & Engagement Collections for many years running. They have been featured in magazines globally, are invited judges for wedding photography competitions around the world & present regularly at conferences in Japan, Las Vegas & many other cities abroad. 

Tracey & Dee are passionate about the wedding photography industry and educating other photographers to find their style and voice. They spend their lives ‘telling life’s most beautiful stories’... and they cannot wait to tell yours.


Master Photographers

37 Frames Owners & Founders

"Top 30 Wedding Photographers of the World" ~ Signature Weddings

Tracey Taylor
Master Photographer & Photographic Editing Director

Dee Green
Master Photographer & Client Services Director

2 Collections/2018 Pre-scheduled Dates & Locations



  • 2 Award-winning Photographers
  • Full Day Coverage (12 hours total - including shooting, makeup, dress changes and travel time to and from locations)
  • 3-4 locations (dependent upon distance between locations)
  • 100 images fully edited & retouched + all the other images from the day, lightly edited
  • Beautiful 50 page Album, showcasing your favorite 100 images, (the retouched ones from above)
  • Professional Hair & Make-up Artist included - will stay with us all day
  • Transport Included for the day of shooting



  • 2 Award-winning Photographers
  • Half Day Coverage (6 hours total - including shooting, makeup, dress changes and travel time to and from locations)
  • 2-3 locations (possibly more, location dependent)
  • 60 images fully edited & retouched
  • Beautiful 40 page Album, showcasing your favorite 60 images
  • Professional Hair & Make-up Artist included (to stay with us for the duration of the shoot)
  • Transport Included for the 1/2 day of shooting


37 Frames air/rail travel & hotel costs are included complimentary in the 2018 Pre-scheduled Dates & Locations for the Japan & the World (see above for the tour schedule).

For dates and locations outside of these Pre-scheduled dates please CONTACT 37 Frames directly to plan your lovely custom experience and to learn further about our Collection details, inclusions & pricing.




Perhaps you're looking for something a little less than a full day or half day experience? 37 Frames has a couple of other beautiful collections including:


  • A 3-hour City by Night Experience, late afternoon golden light to evening, including 50 images, starting from 175,000yen (no hair and makeup included, casual/semi-formal/formal wear only, no wedding attire)


  • A 90 minute couple experience, including 10 images, starting from 85,000yen (no hair and makeup included, casual/semi-formal wear only, no wedding attire)


To learn further about our all our 37 Frames Collections, inclusions & pricing please contact us on the email address below.



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